Suck Of The Month

The AF100 Successor being killed? That's what EOSHD reported .. only one problem .. it's a lie. And when confronted with the lie by Panasonic, not only did Sir Dickage not remove the lie, he doubled down by asserting his privilege as "journalist" .. oh yea .. a "journalist" that doesn't fact-check nor retract when his sources are proven to be wrong.


The Internet is an enabler, a liberator. It also lets mis-information run rampant. Remember, EOSHD purports to be a credible source of information.

Is Andrew Reid A Dick?

Difficult question. His first name is "Andrew" .. so no known abbreviations get to "Dick" ..

Then there's the behavioral aspects. EOSHD Sucks delves into the murky world of "Neo-Journalism" and comes up with this startling conclusion: Yes.

Next question.